First TM Collaborative Experience

I’ve used TeamMentor to mentor a team for the first time tonight hehe. The results are some observations and some issues filed in GitHub. This process should help improve TeamMentor usability.

The Mentoring:

Non-technical people get hands-on training in basic infosec skills and then take notes on their experience. The idea is to then convert these notes into TM articles. To support the activity, some bare-bones TM articles (stubs) are created in the beginning with links to tools, tutorials, etc. As people use the tools, they take notes. The notes should then go back into TM. This process should be similar to what would take place within an organization as they raise their infosec awareness level.

Tonight’s lesson was about removing Windows malware using Process Hacker and Autoruns. It’s a useful basic skill for people that use Windows and should be effective for detecting and eliminating >90% of malware.


+ TeamMentor can certainly get the job of sharing InfoSec/AppSec information done.
+ The UI works okay for content collaboration, but there are a lot of minor annoyances.
+ TeamMentor can be used to manage system configuration standards. Managing system configuration standards is a common requirement and a web portal to manage them may have value


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