Developing TeamMentor Content

Over the past couple of months we have developed a thorough guide for developing TeamMentor content. An earlier post on this blog describes roughly the process for writing technical content and is kind of similar, except it’s just a short article. The thorough guide has been developed to help new SMEs write TeamMentor content and is available to our customers.

My observations of the effectiveness of the TM4TM writing guide:
+ At least some people seem to not actually follow instructions. The people that don’t follow the instructions are often also the worst performing in terms of both article quantity and article quality.
+ Reading the guide does not seem to substantially increase the quantity of produced articles per week for a given SME.
+ The guide saves a lot of time for the team as a whole, because SMEs produce similar looking articles. Producing similar looking articles saves a lot of work on having to edit and format the articles to look the same. Uniform formatting is one of the requirements for developing a technical content library; a guide and a standard for writing uniform articles helps with the overall process.


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